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Thermal Insulated Coveralls: Are They Best For Fighting The Cold?

When your workforce are facing the cold conditions, it's your job to provide them with the safest workwear possible. Although you can't control the weather for when your employees are on site, you can still take some important steps to help them avoid illnesses such as a cold and the flu. With these cold-related illnesses accounting for 34 million work days lost in 2016, a good step for you to take is to move away from the regular workwear and consider thermal insulated coveralls instead.

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Why Choose Thermal Coveralls Over Usual Workwear?

The most important thing to take into account that even though coveralls that have thermal insulation are beneficial, that doesn't mean regular, everyday workwear needs to be forgotten about. It's vital that you're still sourcing the safest and most comfortable workwear possible for your employees so that they remain as safe as possible when working - regardless of the industry you're in.

However, a big advantage of coveralls is that they're designed to be comfortably worn over uniforms and workwear, if the right one is chosen. When you have temperature as a hazard which cannot be eliminated or isolated, then you must provide suitable coveralls to protect your employees.

That's how the thermal insulation aspect helps.

While regular workwear is a good first step, thermal insulated coveralls provide the additional warmth to your employees which allows them to comfortably continue working in cold conditions. They add an extra layer of warmth and offer protection to your workforce who might be working in snowy conditions, or even in rain and bitter winds. In addition to this, these specific coveralls can come in a wide variety of fabric weights which are specially lined to keep to keep you and your employees extra warm in colder temperatures.

However, coveralls with thermal insulation aren't just designed for dealing with cold conditions and keeping workers safe. In fact, coveralls made from high quality and durable materials are designed to still deal with several risks that you can find at the workplace in any industry meaning they're a more versatile option than regular workwear which won't be able to cover each aspect of safety.

How Versatile are They?

If you're searching for this type of coverall which features the most durable materials, then you're helping your workers' workwear and clothes remain free of potential stains and damage as they're seen as the best choice when you need to add protective clothing over usual workwear.

However, the versatility doesn't end there as they can be used in almost any industry and are effective against oil, grease, dirt, other substances like any other coverall - as well as the cold conditions.

With regular workwear, you're having to make the decision of prioritising one over the other which isn't ideal compared to thermal insulated coveralls which not only keep them warm, but also keeps workers safe along with the clothes they wear underneath.

As there are well-known brands who specialise in coveralls and other similar garments, it's advantageous to implement this as part of your workers' uniform. This is because they last longer than cheaper alternatives and they're also designed with specific industries in minds and with specific industries come their own set of unique hazards - with the cold temperatures being an important one, especially in winter.

A thermal insulated coverall, such as the Portwest Orkney Lined Coverall below, is perfect to wear in several industries because of the rugged safety elements which protect against the coldest of conditions. This can include maintenance, forestry, electricals, engineering, decorating and other industries which have made thermal coveralls a part of their uniform to give added protection at work.

Portwest Orkney Lined Coverall

ideal for: Construction Maintenance work Electrical work Decorating Forestry work Engineering Operating in the harsh British weather

Added versatility comes from the fact that some thermal coveralls have been designed to assist in other types of work. For example, you might have a future job which requires your workers to operate in cold conditions but in the dark alongside busy roads. So, these coveralls can also come with high-visibility features to prevent potential accidents and keep your workforce as safe as possible from multiple hazards.

Even armies opt to use thermal coveralls because of the treacherous conditions they also face.

Are They Worth Buying?

Cold temperatures can bring many dangers to you and your workers, so it makes sense to invest in thermal insulated coveralls to wear over safe and comfortable workwear. The fact that they are durable, safe and keep you warm speaks volumes, as they are some of the vital features you'll be searching for when sourcing the right ones for your workforce.

As they're durable, they can be used often even in the harshest of conditions without continually needing to be replaced, as opposed to regular workwear which can suffer from more wear and tear, potentially needing more frequent replacements.

Want to Get Ready for Spring? 

While you're searching for the best thermal insulated coverall possible for your team, go ahead and download a FREE copy of our spring-dedicated Workwear Buying Guide, which is also available for the summer, autumn and winter seasons, respectively. The spring guide outlines the average UK temperatures for each season, the inherent dangers you need to protect against and how to clothe yourself and your workers to best defend against outdoor dangers.


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This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.