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Neutral Or Bold? 1 Simple Way To Pick Your Company Workwear Colour

With a little reliance on science and a heavy dose of logic, here is how to choose your company workwear colour in one simple way. Use these two questions to decide on the best colour uniform for your business: Neutral or Bold?

Q. Does Your Business Use A Bold Colour As Part Of Its Branding? If the answer is "yes", read on. If the answer is "no", skip ahead by clicking here.

It may be that your business has a brand defining colour. EasyJet, for example, is synonymous with the colour orange. But it isn't because the business is from The Netherlands and it wants to link to the Dutch royal family; or that it started in Valencia, in a region famous for growing oranges.

The founder of the company, Stelios Haji-loannou, is a British businessman of Greek-Cypriot origin, so the colour is used purely for branding reasons. And the colour orange is so linked to the image of the business that there is no surprise to see it used so extensively across the branding of the company. 

If your own business has a particular brand colour, it may be that you should use it in your uniform. It helps promote the brand and increase the company's presence in the room where it is worn.

Be it your own offices or site, to when it is seen during the daily commutes or in the queue during lunch break; seeing your brand colour, tied with an embroidered or printed company logo on your workwear, placed the business in the mind of the onlooker. This solidifies your presence over time and can be the deciding factor which jogs a potential customer or client's mind at just the right time.

Q. Does Your Industry Suit A Bold Colour For Your Workwear? If the answer is "yes" or "not sure", read on. If the answer is "no", skip ahead by clicking here.

Even if your company brand and logo uses a striking, bold colour, you still need to consider whether the environment you operate in suits a bold coloured workwear or uniform.

In a study titled "Impact of color on marketing"[sic], Satyendra Singh (University of Winnipeg), found that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of first encountering a person or product and somewhere between 62-90% of this judgement is led by colour alone.

This shows the inherent risk of choosing a bold colour for your workwear.

If potential customers and clients are going to interact with your employees when wearing your workwear or uniform, then you don't want to risk alienating the customer by choosing a bold colour when something more neutral would do. Your colour needs to fit what is being "sold" (your business).

And certain types of colours have certain connotations.

The bolder, more striking the colour; the more lively, fun and fast paced the perception of your business. This is great for modern industrious or fun businesses, such as: landscaping and some construction businesses or child friendly attractions and gadget stores, respectively.

Also, bold works for new companies who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace as a different option, something new and accessible. Just like EasyJet did by using the colour orange, in huge contrast to more established brands, such as somebody like British Airways, who play on their reliable dependability in their red, white and blue.

But bold isn't great for businesses which need to transmit a message that their staff are dependable and stable; longstanding financial institutions and advice services, high-end bars and restaurants, or anything where paying for said business is a considered thought due to the price and quality of service expected.


If You Answered "Yes" Twice - Go Bold

And transmit, loud and clear, the message that your business is fresh, lively, fast-paced and accessible to everyone.

And If You Answered "No" Twice - Stay Neutral

In order to put across the tone that you are a more considered choice. Someone that isn't for everybody and people who use you might have to pay a little extra, but they get a little extra in return.

But If You Answered "Yes" and "No" - Consider A Mix

In this case, there is always the option of blending the best of both worlds. For as much as EasyJet needed to offer something different to make their USP stick in the consciousness of the market - low-cost flights at a time when they weren't so common - they still have people live's in their hands when flying at 35,000 feet.

For this reason, you can see in their uniforms that the bold, fun, engaging orange is restrained to accessories only. The rest of the uniform is a dependable, stable, neutral black.

You can mimic this technique by either using neutral colours - white, black, grey, navy - for your base items like shirts, jackets and fleeces, but then using a boldly coloured, printed or embroidered company logo.

Start Planning Your Own Company Workwear

If this has helped you decide on whether your business needs bold or neutral workwear, then start getting to grips with budget sign-off, how to get sizes right and everything else you might be wondering about when it comes to workwear. Give us a call!