Finally Winter appears to be over and we're moving into Spring. Time to put the insulated clothing away and think about lightweight workwear. Spring brings new growth and bursts of bright warm sunshine, but with it comes sudden cold winds, sharp showers and even thunder storms.

You and/or your workers need to be suitably dressed for the changeable weather in the great outdoors. Expect the unexpected.

You'll need lightweight, breathable. waterproof jackets so you can accept the unexpected and get on with the job.

Be prepared for the British spring.

Lightweight Waterproof Jackets

Let's face it... it's going to rain at some point in Britain. Probably today. It might be blue skies in the morning but water will have fallen out of them before anyone clocks off. Workers caught in the rain without waterproofs will be cold, wet and in low spirits. Any employer, manager or supervisor worth their salt knows that when morale dips productivity soon follows.

Keep warm and dry by investing in lightweight jackets that offer waterproofing and ensure you keep them nearby while you work. You will be able to continue working and productivity will not be affected.

If it's an especially chilly, rainy day, a mid-weight jacket may be best. Alternatively, invest in fleeces to wear underneath the waterproof coats for additional warmth. They're easily removed if the sun comes out.

Waterproof Trousers

The main priority might be to keep your upper body warm and dry, but you shouldn't neglect your bottom half. If your legs are going to end up getting drenched anyway, your morale and productivity will still dip.

Wet thighs get extremely cold, start to sting or even become numb and it's horrible trying to walk in wet trousers. All that chafing...

You can avoid all this by investing in breathable, waterproof trousers that they can wear over your usual workwear. You can even choose waterproof trousers that are also high visibility for a double fix. 

Body Warmers and Gilets

Sometimes you just can't win with the British weather. When it's too warm for an insulated coat but too cold to go without a coat at all, a body warmer can be a great compromise.

These lightweight workwear staples keep your core warm while leaving the arms free to get on with the job in hand. Plus, you can easily throw waterproofs over them if (when) the heavens do suddenly open.

Investing in body warmers made of fleece or padded, or a hi-tech baffle work gilet to keep you warm and protected in Spring weather. Consider features like hand warmer and storage pockets to provide that additional convenience.

Lightweight Branded Polos

Obviously people need layers, even when it's warm, so now would be a good time to add a lightweight polo to the workwear mix. They should ideally be wearing polo shirts made from thinner, lighter-weight materials so you don't overheat under their water proofs.

When that sun comes out everyone will need to their waterproofs off, so you should consider branding your shirts with your company logo. It's simple and inexpensive to custom brand polo shirts, which can help your business in a variety of ways. It raises brand awareness, boosts morale and makes everyone feel like more of a team.

A branded work uniform can go a long way in helping your company grow. 

Lightweight Hi Vis

Hi Vis workwear is essential if you're going to be working near to moving vehicles. That could be by a road, in a warehouse, in a car park - pretty much anywhere outside really.

There are strict regulations to abide by when it comes to hi vis so it's best to make sure you know exactly what type of hi vis classes your job rolls require. Learn all about the Hi Vis Standards here.

Hi vis jackets are one of the best items you can wear if you want to be certain you are visible, but they can get a little too warm. A hi vis softshell jacket is cool, breathable and usually water repellant (up to a point).

But if a jacket is just too much and the law permits, hi vis vests are the ideal lightweight and low priced alternative. They'll last the Spring season and are easy to customise with your brand too.