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How to Find the Right Equipment for Show and Event Security

No matter how big or small, if you’re holding an event or show, then you’ll need to consider security. The health and safety of staff and visitors is your responsibility so you’ll have to take important steps to keep everyone protected, like installing security equipment.


Here are some of the measures to think about when planning show and event security.

What Do You Need to Think About?

Football matches, business conferences, stadium concerts - whatever the event or show, you’ll need to consider a number of security measures to ensure that all visitors are kept safe. These include:

Controlling Access Banned Items Evacuation Your Team


Controlling Site Access

It’s important that you get to know the layout of the venue and consider how people are likely to enter and exit. What are the main access points and how will people reach them? Knowing the busiest areas of a venue can help you when it comes to assigning your security team.

If you know your show or event will be attracting a large crowd, you’ll need to think about controlling visitor access so there are no bottlenecks and reduce traffic. Having too many people trying to access the same space can cause serious injuries.

Barriers and fences are an easy way of making the entrance to your event as safe as possible. They make visitors have to form orderly queues which you can control so guests move quickly but safely.

Implement these barriers and fences ahead of time and conduct ‘rehearsals’. This will give you a good idea of their effectiveness and allow you to make changes where necessary.

Try and minimise the ways that people can get into your event to ensure that no one sneaks in without you knowing and that every attendee passes through security.


Banned Items

Show and event security is more important than ever. Recent attacks on events in Manchester, Paris and Orlando reflect the need for heightened security so that guests are kept safe.

Large and small-scale events should carry out thorough checks as guests arrive. Before the event, use social media to outline important security measures and to let people know which items they won’t be able to bring in.

To ensure banned items don’t enter your event or show, you’ll need to think about the equipment you’ll need. Security wands are designed for a quick and effective search of an individual’s body. They can alert your team if a person is carrying a weapon.

The wands are an inexpensive alternative to walk-through metal detectors that you’d find at an airport. If your event is very large and security wands will be too slow, then walk-through detectors will keep lines moving smoothly, even if they are more expensive.

Your team might need to be trained to carry out bag searches as this is one of the most common ways that people bring banned items into events. Visitors may find this process intrusive but when carried out respectfully, is an effective way of finding banned items.



You need to ensure that your event is prepared for any emergency situation. You’ll need to have an evacuation plan in place that will ensure all attendees exit the area as quickly and safely as possible.

Plan escape routes and ensure that they’re unobstructed at all times. They’ll need to be clearly lit and signposted so they can be easily found in an emergency. Fire exits should be unlocked, open outwards and be free from obstructions on both sides.

Having dedicated places of safety for people to meet at stops groups from getting separated and gives guests a clear place to aim for when evacuating.

You’ll need to think about everyone when drawing up an evacuation plan and the equipment you might need to use. Children, the elderly and people with disabilities all might require additional  guidance and assistance during an evacuation.


Your Team

Whether you’ve hired a trained security team, or you’re teaching the basics to volunteers, your team should be knowledgeable and well-trained. You’ll need to assign teams to certain areas to make sure every section is covered.

They should know what the plan is for guests entering and moving around the event and they’ll need to communicate with leaders so that any important information is passed around quickly.

Security team members should be instantly recognisable. Guests may have questions or concerns they need to speak to someone about so all security personnel should be easy to spot.

To achieve this you might implement a uniform for team members to wear, including hi-vis jackets, especially if your event is outdoors or poorly lit. Why not personalise your show and event security team’s clothing? Not only will it clearly state that they’re security, but it also includes your brand or event logo which boosts brand awareness.


Find the Right Security Clothing

Having a security team uniform makes them easy to find when needed. It also gives them authority when they’re carrying out checks that some guests may find intrusive or unwarranted. We offer a range of specialised workwear that can be personalised to suit your needs.

If your security team will be working outdoors for long periods of time, then you’ll need to think about light, breathable clothing that will keep them cool and protect them from UV exposure. Your event might be an outdoor festival, so you’ll need to think about how to keep your team safe in the sun. Download our free guide on outdoor working now for more information.


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This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.