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How To Choose Embroidered Overalls & Personalised Boiler Suits

If your team didn't like the last batch of work overalls you ordered or want to know how to choose embroidered overalls or personalised boiler suits; here's what you need to consider to make sure you order the right items.

Fit & Style

It's a common struggle for people in your position; how to decide between picking the right overall, boiler suit or coverall that is not only comfortable but also doesn't restrict you in your work - whilst also still being within budget.

But choosing the right fit and style is worth putting at the top of the list of priorities, because the benefits of getting this right help take care of the other two factors. If it fits properly and allows you to work freely, you'll be more comfortable and happier in your work.

This makes you more content and therefore productive. It's a small issue, on the face of it, but the difference it makes shouldn't be underestimated.


Be sure to choose an overall which has the right features for your line of work. What conditions will be being worn in? Does the wearer need to be kept warm or will they be struggling to keep cool?

What tools will they need to keep handy? Will the need to adjust the overall or boiler suit from time to time when they change task? How many pockets would be ideal, and do they need to be secure fastening or easy access, or both?

Make sure you choose an overall with the right sort of options and features. Under-spec will mean you need to order something else, but choosing something with manner of features and flexibility options for someone who is performing the simplest of tasks is a waste of money.


Is colour important for your overalls?

Colour can be used as means of differentiating between job roles or employee hierarchy. Using different colours can help keep safety officers or managers clearly identified on the site floor. This aids communication as well as health and safety.

Or, alternatively, you might want to use a specific colour of overall in order to help build your branding and for marketing purposes. Your delivery uniform being a vibrant red overall, for example, would really help make your drivers identifiable and memorable; great for building repeat business.

All In Cost

Don't get caught out by hidden costs.

You might be quoted a particular price per garment, but there could be other costs to come behind that: delivery and branding, for example. Also, make sure that the garment price isn't for order numbers which are far higher than you need.

Personalisation Technique

The last thing to consider is the method that you will use on your personalised boiler suit or branded overall. There are pros and cons to the various techniques that you need to condsider.

First, the appearance. Do you want a crisp, dynamic transfer print which is full of colour and life? Or do you want a classic and reliable embroidered piece of branding.

Second, the cost effectiveness of print or embroidery changes depending on the expected lifespan of the garment. If your overall is going to be put through the mill in terms of tough usage and won't last as long as if it was being used sparingly or in more gentle tasks - why spend more on embroidery branding features?

On the other hand, if you work in a non-abrasive environment but will be washing the overall often to maintain a professional appearance, a cheap transfer print might not last as long as the overall itself.

There's nothing wrong with cheap transfer prints, by the way, it's just a sign that you need to think about how you will personalise or customise your workwear items.