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Branding an Outdoor Event: Tips on How to Do It Well

When you're planning an outdoor event, one of the first and main things you'll think about is the weather. The UK is infamous for her unpredictable weather and hot, gloriously sunny days are just as likely as torrential downpours, snow storms and high winds. And that's just in one spring afternoon. 

Another thing you also need to think about is branding. Considering whether your displays are weather appropriate are important but so is the impact you're wanting to make with them. Here are five tips on how to ace branding an outdoor event. 

When it comes to branding an outdoor event, you want to do it well. You want people to remember your company and make enough of a statement so that they talk about you. The things you need to think about are:

  • Consider placing Signages, Banners and Crowd Barriers in strategic locations
  • Stand Signs, Flags and Banners Near Gazebo Entrances
  • Think About the Timing
  • Be Creative and Step Outside of the Box
  • Invest in Customised/Branded Workwear
  • Consider Placing Signage, Banners and Crowd Barriers in Strategic Locations

It's fairly obvious that size matters when it comes to branding. The larger the graphic, the more attention-grabbing it will be and the more impact it is likely to have. One of the easiest ways to implement large graphics is to have banners and signs. Consider placing these in strategic locations where they will be mostly likely to garner attention.

The largest signs and banners will probably have the biggest impact placed near where the majority of the crowd will be - for example, near the stages or arenas as opposed to the food or drink areas where people will mostly be too hungry or thirsty to notice. 

Another strategic location would be outside the event and on the route to the location (before and after the event). This means you can generate excitement among attendees (and attention from non-attendees) who are travelling to the event and keep that buzz going even when they're leaving. 

Stand Signs, Flags and Banners Near Gazebo Entrances

Like we said in the above point, size matters when it comes to branding so you can't forget about marquees and gazebos. As well as providing protection from the weather, they're incredibly eye-catching structures. People notice those things straight away, especially if it's raining or hot and people are after some much-needed shade.

A plain marquee might look stylish but it doesn't stand out

For that reason, you should consider placing signs, flags and banners near the entrances to your marquees, gazebos and other temporary structures. Not only will they be placed in a strategic location (as people will be flocking to your structure to seek shelter), but they'll also help your pop-up structures stand out among the sea of other marquees and gazebos that will probably all look the same. 

Think About the Timing

Size and location are important but so is your timing. You should place and design your branding based on the time of the day. Consider what might the audience be thinking and feeling at the end of the event as opposed to at the beginning. When will they be more receptive to visuals? 

For example, placing your branded visuals at the very end of the exit pathway might work better than placing it at the very beginning because some people might be easily distracted. For example, they might still be replaying the event in their head as they leave and won't be concentrating. If you had placed your visuals at the beginning of the pathway, people might see it but forget it by the time they reach the end. Putting your visuals at the very end ensures more effective impact. 

Following a more strategic approach like this can lead to better results than randomly spreading outdoor branding all throughout the location. 

Be Creative and Step Outside of the Box

One of the best ways to guarantee that your branding stands out and is remembered is to be creative. Bold, bright colours and huge banners work, but they're not exactly new ideas. Think about what might make a statement and get people talking about your brand. 

A good idea is to make your event more than just a place to go and have fun. Make it a total experience.

For example, lifestyle brand Refinery29 has hosted 29Rooms, a three-day event that features 29 individually branded and themed rooms where visitors can experience something different in each one. Each room has been designed by different brand partners ranging from big-name companies to celebrities. 29Rooms might be a little bit nuts, but it is a truly hands-on experience - which is what makes it so memorable and talked about. Do something similar and include your company as part of the branding: "Your Company -x- Partner Provider." 

It's also a great way for people to see what Refinery29's brand is all about. By partnering with an eclectic mix of other companies, you can further build your audience and extend your reach. 

It doesn't have to be many other companies either. It could just be a few - for example, Three Mobile's partnership with Netflix and Samsung. Last July, Three celebrated the launch of their Go Binge tariff by hosting the three-day "Bed 'N' Binge Retreat" - a site housing 15 cabins where people could binge-watch as many TV shows as they wanted. On arrival, guests were given a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ to binge-watch in one of the cabins, which were inspired by popular Netflix shows. 

Three Mobile's "Bed 'N' Binge" Retreat. Image credit:

Being experimental has paid off for both of these events and companies because they were so widely raved about. They were fun, creative and a change from just placing an ad in a magazine. Apply what was successful in these events to your own:

Partner with other companies to increase your reach - even if they seem totally different to you. Unexpected collaborations can create the biggest buzz!

Include creative and immersive exhibits at your event to boost enjoyment and interaction. This will get people talking and sharing photos/videos of your event, which will increase your reach even more. 

Use this as a chance to build your professional network and perhaps have future collaborations too.

Invest in Customised/Branded Workwear

Experimental marketing and creative branding is all good and well, but don't forget about the basics. If your event team aren't wearing distinctive uniforms with your logo on, how will your visitors know who can help them? As well as this, remember that it's not just the signs, banners and tents that can advertise your brand. If your workers are wearing your logo on their uniform, it makes your brand more easily recognisable and solidifies your company in the minds of the people who see them.

It's not just for the benefit of your visitors and company either. Branded workwear helps improve team morale and productivity too. Your workers look smart, professional and feel more like a united team as they're all dressed the same. 

That's why investing in customised workwear is as good an idea as being experimental and going big in your branding ideas. 

Want to Know More About Outdoor Workwear?

While you're focusing on ensuring your outdoor event branding has the biggest impact, don't forget about keeping your team safe while they work outdoors. From the changing weather conditions to new hazards, there's so much more you need to know.