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Restore Creams

Restore creams are an important part of the washing and cleaning process after a long shift. If you suffer from dry hands or you have put them through the rigours of physical labour for hours on end, these creams can make them feel softer, preventing them from aching so much and limiting the damage to them that can be caused by neglecting them. Restore creams are often available in dispensers on site and are placed alongside degreasers and antibacterial cleansers to form part of your post work or post task regime. They are usually mild but effective.

1 restore cream products found

Kresto® Citrus 4L Cartridge - 4 pack
Kresto® Citrus 4L Cartridge - 4 pack
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1 restore cream products found

You might need to use restore cream if you suffer from dry hands, perhaps if you work outdoors for a long time on shift, chapped hands, and even if you have suffered cuts as well. The mildness of the restore creams mean that they will not irritate you, but they are super hydrating to help make them feel much better much more quickly. They produce a dry feel as they are applied that means you do not have to worry about having greasy hands as you handle your clean post work clothes, for instance.

Many restore creams use urea to add moisture and hydration to dry skin, some use glycerine for the same purpose and you might find allantoin to help with the cuts and chapped skin. It easily absorbs into your skin and feels great without leaving a residue on your hands or anything else that you touch. These products are tested on skin to ensure they do not irritate and a large quantity can last a long time on site, as only a small amount is needed to provide the necessary effect and make your skin feel better for the rest of the day.

Check out the restore creams at Xamax to add this important stage into your team’s post work routine, helping them feel more comfortable and preventing injuries and pain associated with dry skin.