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Sports Shorts

Sports shorts are worn by everyone from teams or individuals who participate in games or activities for fun to professional clubs, coaches, and workers in the fitness industry. They are lightweight shorts designed not to weigh you down or restrict you as you exercise, practice, or play your favourite sports. They are designed to provide the utmost comfort for the wearer, keeping them cool, and also allowing them the mobility to reach their potential on the field, track, or gym. There are a number of sports shorts at Xamax, each of which can be customised with team or company details.

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Just Cool By AWDis Cool shorts
Just Cool By AWDis Cool shorts
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1 sports short products found

When it comes to sports shorts, the lighter and less intrusive the material, the better for the wearer who spends most of the time pushing themselves to run, jump, lift, or perform any other kind of physical exercise. A lot of time and effort goes into creating the perfect fabric that offers the least resistance with the toughest resistance to damage and the ability to be washed multiple times without ruining the look of the garment.

Some come with wicking properties that move moisture away from the body and help keep you dry and comfortable. This is perfect for dealing with perspiration as well as helping to prevent your performance being affected by drizzle and light rain. It makes it a more comfortable experience and means that you do not have to worry about the effects of your exertion. Sports shorts also usually feature a comfortable elasticated waistband. This is generally adjusted using a drawstring which allows you to choose the best possible fit depending on your preference for how and where the sports shorts rest when you wear them.

You can also find sports shorts that have pockets, which is convenient when you need to keep hold of a whistle, gum shield, or other small piece of sporting equipment.