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We print and embroider hospitality workwear to standards that are guaranteed to outlast the garments

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Uniforms are an essential part of the hospitality industry, providing a professional appearance and reinforcing a sense of team spirit among staff members. Different roles within the industry require distinct uniforms that meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the job. Created for protection and practicality, choose and design your establishments uniform and customise to reflect your brand identity. Help to create a sense of belonging and identity among your employees while reinforcing your establishment’s image to customers.

Chefwear and Kitchen Staff

Designed to be both functional and comfortable, chef uniforms provide protection from heat and spills in a busy kitchen environment while promoting a professional image.

Bib Aprons

A Bib ApronA Bib Apron


A Chef TunicA Chef Tunic


A Chef JacketA Chef Jacket


A pair of Chef TrousersA pair of Chef Trousers

Catering Hats & Chef Toques

A Chef HatA Chef Hat

Front of House, Waiting & Bar Staff

Reflect your establishment’s brand by creating a cohesive team appearance personalised with your design on high quality and value for money casual or professional uniforms.

Waist Aprons

A Waist ApronA Waist Apron

Shirts & Blouses

A ShirtA Shirt

Lightweight Polo Shirts

A Lightweight Polo ShirtA Lightweight Polo Shirt


A pair of TrousersA pair of Trousers


A WaistcoatA Waistcoat
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