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Antibacterial Cleansers

Antibacterial cleansers are a key element in the fight for infection control in the workplace. No matter what type of bacterial hazards there are on site, having ready access to these gels and soaps mean that they can stop potentially hazardous bacteria infecting you after you have finished your shift and also spreading around workplaces and causing unnecessary illnesses. They can be placed at workstations, in kitchens and bathrooms, and anywhere else where you might need to wash your hands after handling mud, dirt, grease, or any other substance that might harbour bacteria.

1 antibacterial cleanser products found

Deb Stoko Cleanse Antimicrobial 1L Dispenser
Deb Stoko Cleanse Antimicrobial 1L Dispenser
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1 antibacterial cleanser products found

You can pick up antibacterial cleansers in small bottles like you might have at home, these come with their own push dispenser that allows easy distribution to the skin and can be placed easily on sinks to be accessed by workers. There are also larger vats of antibacterial cleansers available that can be fixed to the wall or other dispensers and provide a central point for employees who need to clean their hands.

As well as stand alone units, there are often refills available for dispensers. Once the previous container is empty, simply remove that cartridge and add the next one in, which might contain one or two litres of antibacterial cleanser.

Some antibacterial cleansers provide a foaming action that helps you spread them better around your hands and arms. Others are moisturised to help soften your skin when you use them and all come with a distinctive flavour or smell that is pleasant to the nose as well as being effective at killing almost all harmful bacteria when you wash your hands. 

Some antibacterial cleansers are more heavy duty than others and are designed to cut through more ingrained dirt and grease. If you work with these tough substances, then this might be the cleanser of choice in your work environment.