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Action Pants

Action pants make great practical workwear, particularly for tradespeople. They provide a large amount of storage through multiple pockets and holsters that allow you to carry tools and other handy equipment with you at all times. They also often feature elements such as knee pad pockets into which you can slip knee pad inserts to cushion the impact of constant kneeling as you go about your job. Additionally, you will find special safety and comfort features that make wearing action pants on site a fantastic workwear choice. Take a look at the selection available at Xamax today.

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Grey Black
Dickies Grafters Duo Tone 290 Trousers
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Dickies Ladies' Redhawk Trousers
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Dickies Redhawk Pro Work Trousers
Dickies Redhawk Pro Work Trousers
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Navy Blue
Dickies Redhawk Super Work Trouser
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4 Products Found

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If you need storage to carry tools, rulers, tape measures, notebooks, and other essential work equipment around to different areas of the site or to different working locations, action pants provide the storage you need. The multiple pockets of all different sizes mean that you might not need to carry around a bag as well, making life much easier for you. Some of the pockets are zip fastened, others use velcro, and sometimes they are secured by buttons or studs. Many action pants have internal pockets for extra security and special pockets designed for mobile phones. You will also usually find belt loops to hold keys, ID passes, and other items.

Some action pants provide supreme comfort on site by virtue of an elasticated waistband, which is sometimes raised at the back to offer extra coverage by the trousers. The fabric is generally tough to keep up with the rigours of work on site and reinforced in common stress points to ensure seams stay firm even when you work the action pants hard. For your safety, many action pants provide UPF 50+ protection from 98% of UV rays.

You can find men’s and women’s action pants in an array of colours and in many different waist and inside leg sizes, ensuring you can find something that fits perfectly.