Printed Workwear

Screen printed workwear is perfect for those logos and workwear items which are light and full of life. Use the printed technique on t-shirts, hi-vis items and other lightweight clothing. Clean and simple logos look superior when screen printed onto contrasting backgrounds. This can make your business appear engaging and active, ideal for all company types, whether it be a manufacturing or construction firm, a school or bar-restaurant, or anything else at all. Screen printed logos and personal touches look great and show off your business.


Clean, sharp and powerful.

Besides looking sleek and clean on items such as t-shirts and hi-vis clothing, printed workwear branding is also ideal for more short-term use items, such as one-off charity event clothing. If your business is holding an event or your school is on an annual trip, printed items can make the event extra special. They also act as a great souvenir or promotional item and this has the added benefit of promoting your brand every time it is seen in the future.

How it works is important to note. Each print applies one colour, so the most efficient technique is to use one colour only. However, complex designs can be screen printed and our team can advise. We often print 2 or 3 colours on a design and this is still cost effective for most of our clients. The effects created can be artistic and unique. If your team will be wearing their items for a prolonged period of time and they will be seen repeatedly, investing in a well put together screen printed logo is key. If you need a hand putting together a design or want to check whether your existing logo is suitable for this technique, get in touch with our team.

Manufacturing and construction companies use screen printing on their hi-vis items, whilst shops and other retail businesses tend to use it on t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts too. It’s a versatile technique which looks great on a variety of items and looks amazing when applied with strong branding. A striking logo can be taken to another level when applied using the printing technique. Contact for more advice.

We have an enormous range of styles and sizes of workwear and uniform items which can be printed to. Delivery is typically 7-10 days though some orders may vary. We will not put any items in for printing until the final artwork and design has been approved by the customer, so you can be rest assured that your final product will look exactly how you want it to. Order online to begin the process.