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Portwest GPS Locator V1 Lone Worker Safety Device - PB10

The Portwest Locator V1 is essential kit for lone or remote workers. It can send up to five different types of alert, with a range of custom messages, to designated recipients, instantly informing them of a worker’s status and allowing them to take swift action.

This GPS locator doesn’t rely on mobile or 3G networks for connectivity in remote areas, instead forming part of the global Sigfox network. This inspires complete confidence in the device’s ability to immediately inform others in the event of an emergency, wherever it happens. In addition, the battery can last up to a year on one charge, depending on usage.

If you want a lone worker safety device that attaches effectively to PPE safety wear and offers realtime information on worker location, the Portwest Locator V1 is the perfect piece of kit. Whether the lone worker is in danger or injured, or you simply require alerts to relevant parties on arrival on site or completion of a project, this GPS locator provides unrivalled flexibility and security.



How the Portwest Locator V1 Lone Worker Safety Device Works

Portwest Lone Worker Device


The Portwest GPS Locator V1 uses the Sigfox network to remain connected, wherever the lone worker carries out their duties. Sigfox utilises a global, low-power, wide-area network that offers a more reliable, lower cost and more energy efficient alternative to 3G or mobile networks.

It is a standalone network so does not require a SIM card to connect, and you can be confident that the device will work and be able to send data from anywhere in the world. This offers peace of mind to companies who station workers in particularly remote locations.

Sigfox prides itself on having revolutionised connectivity for the Internet of Things, bringing down the cost and energy usage of connecting devices like this GPS locator to the IoT.

The Portwest Worker Safety Portal allows you to configure up to five different alerts for use with the Portwest GPS Locator V1. The wearer can choose from these depending on the situation and message they need to send. In addition you can set up automatic alerts based on the movement of the device. If it crosses a predetermined virtual boundary, it transmits a signal that automatically sends an email alert to a recipient of your choosing.

The Portwest Digital Worker Portal is the place to find real time information about the location and use of the GPS locator. It also contains a wealth of information about its use, allowing you to track areas that have been covered by the lone worker. You can easily extract the analytics information from this portal and incorporate it into your own systems to provide data on the progress of the company’s remote projects.

The device uses a USB connection to charge its long lasting battery. Once full, you can go for anything from a few months up to a year before the next charge, depending on how you use it. When the battery on the Portwest Locator V1 Lone Worker Safety Device runs low, it sends an alert to inform the user that they should charge it.



Key Features of the Portwest Locator V1 Lone Worker Safety Device


There is so much that this device can do to ensure instant communication from a lone or remote worker. Here are the main features of the the Portwest Locator V1 Lone Worker Safety Device:

Safety Alerts

Five Different Safety Alerts

The device provides an alert button that offers a choice of up to five different messages. These can range from emergency alerts that require an instant reaction and response, such as the worker being injured or finding themselves in danger, to updates on the status of tasks and also automatic alerts triggered by leaving a geofenced zone.


Location Data

GPS Location Data

The GPS technology informs the designated alert recipient of the lone worker’s exact location when the message comes through. This is vitally important to ensure the fastest possible response time in an emergency. Location details are also logged at all times, offering important data on the progress of projects.


Geo Fencing

Virtual Boundaries with Geo Fencing

The ability to create virtual geofenced boundaries means that the device triggers an alert as soon as it arrives in or leaves that zone. This is a handy feature to help lone workers who are tasked with looking after specific regions or areas. It also helps to alert when the remote worker leaves the site at the end of the task and heads back to base.


Long Battery Life

Long Lasting Battery

Remote workers rely on their equipment working when they need it and this is particularly important when it comes to safety equipment like the Portwest GPS Locator V1. If they need to urgently contact someone when in danger or after being injured, the long lasting battery, which retains charge for periods ranging from several months to a year, provides peace of mind.


No Mobile Phone Required

More Reliable than Mobile

The Sigfox network is specifically intended to be low-powered, more energy-efficient and standalone. You don’t have to worry about weak or non-existent mobile phone or satellite 3G signals. Unlike mobile and 3G, you can also install booster modems for improved connectivity in areas of low signal.


Digital Portal Access

Access the Digital Portal

The Portwest Digital Lone Worker Safety Portal provides an instant location report, as well as an activity log detailing all the locations in which the worker has taken the Portwest GPS Locator V1. You can easily keep track of areas covered so far, and this and the other data available are invaluable resources to aid productivity.




Which Industries Benefit from the Portwest Locator V1 Lone Worker Safety Device

Lone workers in any sector benefit from the safety properties and activity reports collated by the Portwest Locator V1 Lone Worker Safety Device. In addition, companies in areas such as forestry should equip their remote workers with this GPS locator. They often need to venture into regions with very poor mobile phone signal and carry out potentially dangerous tasks.

The ability to contact help immediately, with instant, accurate location data sent directly to a designated contact is of the utmost importance.

Other industries that would benefit from the Portwest Locator V1 include utilities workers, those involved with agriculture, the emergency services and transport firms. If you send out workers on their own or to remote locations, this handy GPS device helps you keep a constant and reliable connection to help when they need it.


For more information on the Portwest PB10 Lone Worker Safety Device, Contact Us on 01924 266668

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