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Personalisation of Workwear and Promotional Clothing

Xamax Workplace Solutions bring you over 30 years experience in workplace clothing, PPE and promotional garment customisation in order to provide your business with the highest quality products.

Each method used – EmbroideryDirect Print, and Indirect Print – provides a durable and hard-wearing result we guarantee will outlast the garment lifespan.

To help you understand the methods we use for your orders, here is a little bit about each of them.


Workforce uniform is key to providing brand awareness, consistency and giving your team a strong identity. Embroidery is the classic, tried and trust way to show your branding in a way that lasts.

Used extensively throughout workwear branding on Polo-shirts, Sweatshirts and Fleece Jackets, the process of embroidering is simple. Once we receive your logo, our skilled design team will draw your design into an embroidery file before a real-world sample is created and sent to you to approve. Following you signing off on the design, it will be embroidered on your chosen garments – the garments you add into your order.

Our experienced embroidery machinists will begin your job order by positioning your chosen garment on our high end computerised machines. A metal frame is placed on your chosen garment and a backing fabric called Vilene applied to the reverse of the logo area – this helps secure the threads in place.

Xamax use only the highest quality thread for embroidering your designs – we happily spend a little more on our consumables to give you the results you deserve. Once the correct threads have been chosen and loaded onto the machine based on your colour requirements, the embroidery file is uploaded and the process starts.

Screen Printing

The Screen Print technique is perfect for brightly coloured designs on batch or mass production of promotional or branded T-Shirts, or for a large run of single colour branded Hi-Visibility vests. It provides you with a long lasting and durable result in a process that is very much suited to higher volumes.

After receiving your artwork, our qualified design team will draw your design into a digital sample showing the positions of your designs on the type of garments you have ordered. Once you have approved the sample, the designs are sent down to our screen production workshop.

Depending on how many colours you have in your logo, a silk mesh screen is made for each colour featuring a stencil created by our Direct to Screen Printer. This machine heavily reduces production time and therefore your costs.

After these have been made and loaded onto one of our 10 head carousel printers, your chosen garment is placed onto a print bed. Each garment goes around the carousel and under the active screens where ink is pressed onto your garment through the silk mesh.

2 UV flash drying units semi-cure the inks during the garment’s travel around the machine to ensure no bleeding of colours. After your garment has gone through this process, it is loaded onto the dryer bed and goes through a heat curing process – this ensures that the ink sets fast onto the garment and will not lose its colour.

Once cured, the garments are checked by the quality control supervisor and any issues rejected – you can rest assured we only deliver the highest quality print to your door.

DTG (Direct to Garment) printing

DTG – Direct to Garment – provides a natural feel, due to the ink being injected directly into the fabric, which makes the garment much more comfortable and natural to wear, perfect for medium volume t-shirt bundles with complicated designs.

Similar to Screen Print, our skilful design team will draw your design into a digital sample showing the positions on your chosen type of garment. Following your approval, the process of DTG will then begin.

The Steps of DTG depend on the colour of fabric you have opted for.For any coloured fabric that will require any White ink, or a base layer, the first step in DTG is pre-treating your chosen garments with a non-toxic solution that allows White inks to fix. This ensures that White ink sticks and soaks into the fabric without running or bleeding.

The pre-treatment solution is fixed to the print area with heat and pressure. Your garment is carefully positioned on our top quality and state-of-the-art DTG machine; this directly prints your design onto the garment of your choice, allowing for exceptionally complicated images with up to 1 million colours – print is almost of photographic quality.

The garment is heat pressed to cure the inks and make sure it sticks deep within the fibres of the garment.

PLEASE NOTE: If your garments have been pre-treated, it is important to wash them before wearing. Although the pre-treatment is non-toxic and non-allergenic, it does leave a strange and slightly greasy feel on the garments. However it is water soluble and washes out completely at just 30ᵒ – you will of course be advised about this when you order.

Transfer print

Transfer Print is an indirect printing method that stretches and flexes with your garment making it hard-wearing and easy to wash. It is perfect for single colour, low volume print runs of text or simple logos, or multi colour designs too complicated for the direct print methods of Screen print.

Our digital team will draw your design into a digital sample, and work begins following you approval.

Your logo is printed in reverse onto a vinyl substrate and accurately cut on a plotter machine. Any unused vinyl within your design will be weeded out to match your logo. The vinyl is then flipped onto your chosen garment and loaded onto a heat press, using heat and pressure to bond the vinyl onto the fabric of the garment.  Once this process is completed, the backing paper is peeled off revealing a perfect design.

Transfer print is best for lettering on Hi-Vis clothing, or for uniform T-Shirts – but it can still be utilised for high colour decoration of many different garment types.

Which garment decoration should you use?

Xamax’s experienced sales and design teams will advise you on the proper method of decoration and branding embellishment for the job in hand.

The above is simply for informational purposes – you are not expected to know which method to use for your order. Let us do the hard work of ensuring your branding is presented in the best possible way – just order, send us your logo, and we will do the rest.


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To request a call back, please fill in the short form and one of our friendly team members will call you back.

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Why do we ask?
This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.