Managed Accounts

You can fully utilise our 20+ years of experience in producing and providing branded workwear for your own benefit and ease. Our Managed Accounts are perfect for businesses which have an ongoing need for workwear, uniforms and any form of branded clothing.


If you constantly need new workwear or PPE items for your staff due to wear and tear or new starters, then we suggest opening a managed account. These accounts are also great for any business which places repeat or renewal orders, say for winter or summer uniforms and branded clothing which has to be in line with current promotional or branding campaigns. Opening a managed account makes reporting, ordering and managing your workwear absolutely stress free.


You will be allocated a dedicated account manager or team (depending on business size) who will be able to advise on branding, sizing, product choice, lead times and anything else you might need to spend time researching. This means you can get on with your day and leave the management of your workwear to us.


And there are plenty of other benefits to managed accounts…


Budget Control

Set account budgets to ensure that you don’t overspend and impact other concerns. Having a managed account will ensure that you can place orders with peace of mind because the moment budget becomes an issue you will be notified and alternative resolutions will be offered.


Ease Of Service

Your own workwear expert will be on hand to ensure your orders are processed and fulfilled correctly. Achieving consistency is ensured as it stops your own staff ordering mismatched or incorrect items, as your account manager will know what the business has ordered in the past and be able to spot any inconsistencies. They can also process your orders for you and add them to your account.


Reports On Account Use

Report spend and analysis of costs is made easy with our tailored reports. You can see what you are spending in each dedicated period and on what types of workwear, PPE or business wear clothing you business is purchasing.


User Friendly

Ordering online is quick and simple with an experience designed to mirror all eCommerce sites which you will be familiar with. The only difference is that payment is added to your account rather than inputted by the user. This saves time and avoids over or multiple ordering; your account manager will be monitoring incoming orders and ensuring everything is as agreed when creating the account.


Accurate Orders & Branding

Your account manager will make sure your brand guidelines are always met and that any incorrectly inputted orders of products or amounts are highlighted and queried. Remove the risk of incorrect orders and branding by having your own dedicated account manager.


Easy Payment System

Your account details will be enough for orders to be processed and removed from your to-do list. The online ordering portal will accept your account details as payment and your account manager will check and process the order at our end.