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Why are Cardigans Suitable for Office Staff?

Introducing cardigans for office staff to your workwear uniform is a brilliant way to bridge the gap between employees wearing their own clothes and the business gaining the benefits of a uniform. You may wonder why this is the case, read on to find out.

How Can Cardigans Help Brand Promotion

From brand promotion to tax benefits for staff, there are many advantages to company issued clothing for everybody involved.

Clothing for office staff is less known than traditional workwear items. This is most likely because the office clothing you see is often non-branded. This should not hide the potential benefits to your business if you use company branded business clothing.

Whilst branded office wear is common in certain industries (such as finance, banking, and sales), it is not as common in most office roles. Because of this, workwear cardigans for office staff are a sensible starting point.

Why Staff are More Welcoming to Wearing Cardigans

Many office workers have never worn branded workwear. It is likely to be a shock if you give your staff a complete office uniform. This can lead to disgruntled staff, which can impact both morale and productivity. 

Workwear cardigans for office staff are a happy medium between individuals wearing their own clothing and the company creating a new uniform policy.

Office staff are more receptive to workwear cardigans because they are like their own clothing. They are also perfect to pair with non-workwear office clothes.

Cardigans for office staff are not the same as issuing staff with a branded fleece or waterproof jacket. It fits the context of the office.

With the range of styles, colours, and fabrics available to choose from, you can even offer staff a choice in which they will wear. This still creates the branded workwear appearance you desire but offers staff choice.

Can they be Used to Create a Uniform Look?

Cardigans are a versatile clothing piece. We can wear them as part of a smart or casual office outfit and suit all body shapes.

They have always been a popular clothing item, but they allow you to tap into this versatility.

A uniform appearance differs from an office uniform. Instead of giving your staff an outfit to wear every day, instead you allow them to choose from a range of workwear items. These items can also include accessories. Let your staff team them with their own clothing.

Allowing your staff to choose their own clothing is a great way to compromise. Your business can gain all the benefits that a uniform brings. These are team unity, a professional appearance, consistency, brand exposure, and accountability. It also lets your staff have creative freedom in how they dress for work.

You Can Use Other Workwear Items

Choose brand coloured cardigans or a colour that enhances your embroidered branding when used alongside other branded items.

These other items can be worn by the same employee who is wearing the cardigan or they can be seen on other employees at the same time.

For example, your staff are wearing a branded company cardigan that compliments a coloured blouse or shirt from their own wardrobe. They can use a company tie or scarf or instead wear a company shirt or blouse.

A uniform appearance works by the workwear items being placed across the workforce and freedom offered to staff to pick items and match them with their own clothing too.

A good way of creating this scenario is:

  • To provide staff with branded workwear options to choose from: cardigans, shirts and blouses, fleeces, jumpers, ties and neck scarves, vest tops, t-shirts.
  • Issue guidelines on what colours they can wear to the office, advising on how to avoid colour clashes, which could harm your brand appearance.
  • Inform staff that a minimum of one branded workwear item must be worn to work. 

The result is an on-brand appearance at work, which stems from issuing office staff with workwear cardigans.

Different Items Suit Embroidery More than Print

Be aware when creating a uniform that different items of clothing will suit different branding techniques. The branding style of your business will also affect whether you want to use embroidery or print techniques.


Having cardigans that are branded with the company’s logo promotes the business. Your staff are more welcoming to cardigans rather than a full uniform. This item of clothing is versatile and can create unity with your members of staff. It is important that you allow your staff to still wear their own clothing.