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Workwear & Uniform

  • Work Uniforms vs Casual Dress Codes: What is best for your business?

    Wondering about implementing a new work uniform policy into your business? Or simply just thinking about changing your current one? This article outlines the benefits and drawbacks of kitting your team out in uniforms or introducing a casual dress code. See which one works for you. Learn More >
  • How Workwear Bundles Save You Time And Money

    When making your first uniform or workforce workwear order, it's common to think your budget won't allow you a good quality of product for your staff. Another common worry is ordering the wrong quantity of sizes. Many companies simply ignore customising their workwear and miss out on the benefits that... Learn More >
  • Is Your Team Covered As It Gets Darker? 4 Autumn Workwear Essentials

    As Britain goes from Summer to Autumn to Winter, the sunrise fluctuates between 6.10am all the way to 8.06am. Days are getting shorter and the available light is getting dimmer. There are many hours outdoor workers may be shrouded in darkness or semi-darkness as they work, putting them in more... Learn More >
  • Should I opt for a Raglan Sleeve or a Set-In Sleeve?

    There are 2 main types of sleeve used on upper body garments: Set-In and Raglan. You'll find both styles on garments such as T-Shirts, Polos, Sweat Shirts and even jackets. You may be wondering what the difference is between Raglan and Set-In, and trying to decide which one is right... Learn More >
  • Your Workwear Supplier Should Ask You These Questions Before You Order (or you should ask yourself)

    It is important to let your supplier understand what you NEED. Personnel managers do not order uniforms daily so they tend not to understand what to ask. XAMAX® supply workwear day in, day out, so we know how to help you get what you need at the right price. Here... Learn More >
  • How To Encourage And Manage Employee Uniform Responsibilities

    When you issue uniform to your staff, employees will have a responsibility towards the uniform garments you provide, Whether that responsibility is specified within their employment contract, within the uniform policy itself or simply implied. A main responsibility is that employees must treat, handle, and launder their uniforms properly, so... Learn More >
  • Why You MUST Wash Your Workwear Before You Wear It The First Time

    So you received your new company uniform. Looks good right? All bright and new and clean... but is it? No, not really. There are a lot of industrial processes that go into getting your workwear onto your back, and the very last one, washing it, is your responsibility. Here's why... Learn More >
  • Fast-Tracking of Temporary Workforce Workwear

    With the current global issues, XAMAX® have set aside production capacity to help businesses with their temporary staff workwear. We understand retail and warehousing businesses are under strain and will do all we can to help. "Businesses needing to hire temp workers to fulfil increased demand due to this crisis... Learn More >
  • How Often Should You Replace Your Hi-Vis Clothing?

    The frequency of replacing your hi vis clothing is not determined by a period of time, but how it is used and cared for. Having a physical job makes your workwear more susceptible to wear and tear, meaning it needs replacing sooner. If you take care of it, it will... Learn More >
  • Is Customised Work Uniform REALLY Worth It?

    What is the point of buying a custom uniform for your staff? Is it just an extra expense and a hassle you could do without? There are actually many benefits to kitting your staff out in a uniform that will positively impact on your business and deliver a genuine ROI... Learn More >
  • What are the Key Benefits of Screen Printing Your Workwear?

    The benefits of screen printing workwear over other decorative techniques are numerous; that is why it is such a popular means of branding clothing, uniforms, hi-vis and workwear items. Below are the 7 key benefits of the screen printing technique. Learn More >
  • What Should a Door Supervisor Wear?

    A door supervisor's role involves a lot more than standing in front of a door. Licences require extensive formal training in areas as far reaching as civil and criminal law, health & safety, conflict management and physical intervention. No longer just a "doorman" or a "bouncer", modern day door staff... Learn More >
  • Creating Branded Workwear With Your Company Logo

    Here is an outline and "How To" guide to creating branded workwear and uniform with your company logo and other features (which also includes advice on items, colours and customisation techniques). We have broken this 'how to choose workwear guide' into four simple steps. They're listed here and if you... Learn More >
  • Staff Uniform: Policy Guidelines For Employers

    Don't get caught out when providing your staff with work uniform. There are policy guidelines that you should follow relating to reporting, National Insurance and tax to avoid contravening any government regulations. PLEASE NOTE: This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not Tax advice, nor are your tax... Learn More >
  • 5 Reasons Your Office Uniform Policy Isn't Taken Seriously

    Do you have that one employee who shows up to work in a torn uniform most days or forgets their company bespoke branded polo once a week? You may have another employee who wears wholly inappropriate shorts with their company branded t-shirt, even though they are supposed to wear a... Learn More >
  • Should I Invest In Driver Uniforms? 8 Benefits To Consider

    From a company polo shirt to a branded coverall suit, it is important to consider these benefits when investing in a driver uniform for your company. Learn More >
  • Why are Cardigans Great for Office Staff?

    Introducing cardigans for office staff to your workwear uniform is a brilliant way to bridge the gap between employees wearing their own clothes and the business gaining the benefits of a uniform. You may wonder why this is the case, read on to find out. Learn More >
  • Workwear Items Your Event Staff Need

    Event staff wear uniforms for several reasons. Some of these reasons are that it helps the team look professional, stand out from crowds, and increase brand awareness when customised. Here are four workwear items your event staff need: Learn More >
  • How To Treat Temp Staff When It Comes To Custom Workwear

    If you understand the wide range of benefits that custom workwear brings to a business, but also have a large turnover of temp staff, here's how to minimise expenditure and treat temporary workers fairly. Why You Should Treat Temp Staff Well When It Comes To Custom Workwear There could be... Learn More >
  • How Do I Develop Brand Perception Cost Effectively?

    Here is an overview summary of how to develop brand perception cost effectively and how to increase brand awareness, recognition and association to current, future and potential clients. This will help your business grow and succeed. Get A New Message And Live By It Whilst a full company rebrand might be... Learn More >
  • 6 Simple Steps To Creating A Staff Uniform Policy That Complies

    When it comes to creating a uniform policy, it's easy to worry about complying with regulation and keeping staff happy in order to avoid any backlashes in morale, productivity or staff retention. For ease, here are our 6 simple steps to creating a staff uniform policy that complies with regulation... Learn More >
  • How to Develop Respect and Loyalty in the Workplace

    Developing and maintaining high standards of employee respect and loyalty in the workplace is a common struggle that many HR Managers & Business Owners have to contend with all too often. It is easy to identify some issues within the workplace. But we often leave this unaddressed, which can cause... Learn More >
  • Buying Company Workwear Online - Our Guide To Placing Your Order

    When buying company workwear online, you will understandably have some concerns relating to where to do it, what could go wrong and how it's different to visiting a physical supplier. We've put together this guide to buying company clothing and buying workwear online, so that the whole process can go... Learn More >
  • Kitting Out Your Drivers in Spring: Outdoor Workwear Checklist

    Now that the long, cold winter is finally coming to an end, it's time to think about spring workwear for your drivers. Just because your drivers aren't as exposed to the elements as outdoor workers are doesn't mean their workwear is any less of a priority. Drivers often work long... Learn More >
  • Is Screen Printing the Correct Technique to Promote Your Company?

    Screen Printing creates a professional and clean result however this design technique may not be suitable for your business. Before choosing Screen Print to customise your garments, you need to consider how your design will look and if it is suitable for your work environment. What is Screen Printing?What Garments... Learn More >
  • How to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Event

    If you are organising your own outdoor event, you know that its success can depend on the weather. It is even harder when you are planning it in spring. This unpredictable season can give us all a glimmer of hope that the frosty conditions are behind us. Then, minutes later... Learn More >
  • How Often Should I Replace Staff Uniform?

    The length of time a staff uniform lasts before needing replacement will vary widely depending on the industry or sector - but wearing out is not the only consideration for change - perhaps you are having a rebrand of your business. Typically, roles within manual industries with a uniform policy... Learn More >
  • How to Approach A Dress Code Violation

    That one girl in accounting keeps coming to work with her underwire practically showing and you wonder if she realises. She’s teetering on heels that were made more for a night out than for a day in the office, and then there’s the guy in the IT department with the... Learn More >
  • Coveralls vs Overalls: What's the Difference?

    Coveralls vs Overalls: What is the Difference? There is a common misconception that the only difference is regional: a British word versus an American one, but there ARE true definitions: What are overalls? - trousers with a bib, holder, and loose straps for use over your normal clothes - they... Learn More >
  • How to Find the Right Equipment for Show and Event Security

    No matter how big or small, if you’re holding an event or show, then you’ll need to consider security. The health and safety of staff and visitors is your responsibility so you’ll have to take important steps to keep everyone protected, like installing security equipment.   Here are some of... Learn More >
  • Branding an Outdoor Event: Tips on How to Do It Well

    When you're planning an outdoor event, one of the first and main things you'll think about is the weather. The UK is infamous for her unpredictable weather and hot, gloriously sunny days are just as likely as torrential downpours, snow storms and high winds. And that's just in one spring... Learn More >
  • Neutral Or Bold? 1 Simple Way To Pick Your Company Workwear Colour

    With a little reliance on science and a heavy dose of logic, here is how to choose your company workwear colour in one simple way. Use these two questions to decide on the best colour uniform for your business: Neutral or Bold? Q. Does Your Business Use A Bold Colour As Part... Learn More >
  • How Company Uniforms Improve Teamwork And Increase Brand Awareness

    If you want to improve teamwork and increase brand awareness, a new company uniform will help. This post outlines why in one easy 2 minute read. How Company Uniforms Improve Teamwork The principle of how company uniform or branded clothing helps to improve teamwork hinges visual cues. There's an old... Learn More >
  • What To Avoid When Choosing Company Uniforms

    We've put together the following list of what to avoid when choosing company uniforms to ensure you get the most from your budget. Choosing company uniform is a major decision in any business and getting it right is a huge priority. With the increasing difficulty of getting approval and budget sign off... Learn More >
  • Corporate Branded Clothing For A Company Event? 10 Tips For Budget Sign-Off

    If the powers that be think that Corporate Branded Clothing is a needless expense and you need tips to get budget sign-off, try these 10 top tips. Some are points you can make and some are things you should do to help your cause, but read more to see the... Learn More >
  • How To Get Real Value For Money Out Of Printed Uniforms

    If you aren't careful, printed uniforms can be an unnecessarily expensive way of customising work clothing - but if you choose the right print technique, it is easy to get real value for money.  If you are ready to commence a printing run on your next uniform order, make sure you've... Learn More >
  • Are You Missing Out On Branded Workwear?

    Some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Amazon and McDonald’s, all have a branded uniform which makes them recognisable. If you want the public to recognise your company, ditch the plain workwear for branded clothing and stay ahead of the competition.  By developing or purchasing a well-designed... Learn More >
  • Your Company Uniform: Do You Opt for Screen Print or Embroidery?

    The customisation technique you use on your company uniform all depends on your circumstances and the look you want to achieve. Deciding on screen printed logos or uniform embroidery is something many of our customers have to deal with. Choosing the wrong option can lead to uniform that portrays your... Learn More >
  • The Law & Company Uniforms When It Comes To Religion

    We are in a respectful, multicultural and non-discriminatory age. Everyone is expected to be kinder to each other, and those that refuse to be, are taken to task by the law. This is no bad thing - we are moving towards a better world with a brighter future - but... Learn More >
  • We've Changed The Way We're Packing Orders - Here's Why It's Important

    Packaging waste in the UK is a major cause for concern. That's why, here at Xamax, we have decided it's time to put an end to this and it's time for a change. We are going from bagging each individual item to using a single box liner bag. Our new... Learn More >
  • How To Refresh Your Uniform Policy in 7 Easy Steps

    So you implemented a staff uniform policy a little while ago and are considering updating it. You want to make sure your employees look their best and feel their best when they're at work but you've either outgrown your policy or your dress code just doesn't sit right. So, whether... Learn More >
  • Workwear Supplier Vs. Sourcing Solo: Which Is More Cost Effective?

    When it comes to buying workwear, you'll understandably have concerns about where to buy from. After just a few minutes of research, you'll have found there are two main options: going through a workwear supplier or organising everything yourself. To make a decision, you'll likely choose price as the determining... Learn More >
  • Increase Your Sales by Branding Your Construction Site

    Your construction site is the prime setting to go all-out and make your brand recognisable whilst following construction site regulations. It might not be as simple as placing vinyls and ads in shop windows, but there are plenty of ways of branding a construction site to increase sales. Although customisation... Learn More >
  • What's The Law On Company Dress Codes?

    In short, all people who work at your company must be treated equally in terms of dress codes. That covers differences in gender, physical attributes, age, religion and anything else covered under the Equality Act 2010. Read on for further explanation on the law on company dress codes. Image Credit... Learn More >
  • The Benefits Of Having A Solid Workwear Policy

    Whilst some policy choices in the UK have recently been brought into question for seeming archaic and sexist, the decision to create or review your current workwear policy could well have landed on your desk. Whether a note from your manager or something you feel really needs to be looked at... Learn More >
  • Staff Uniform Policy: Where Do I Start?!

    You may be responsible for developing and maintaining HR processes, hiring new staff or are in a role where understanding employee needs at a high-level are essential. If you work in HR or personnel, you may have considered developing a staff uniform policy for your organisation at some point - but... Learn More >
  • Why Are Thermals Beneficial? A Guide To Buying Base Layers

    Who needs thermal base layers when you can just add an extra jumper? If you notice an increase in sick days from your workforce, your employees may be unknowingly causing their own colds and illnesses by adding on those extra layers in the winter months. Extra Layers Causing Colds and Flu... Learn More >
  • Embroidered or Printed Branding on Your Workwear - How To Decide

    There are many factors to consider when choosing between the embroidery and printing techniques for custom branding your workwear. Printing allows for complicated designs but embroidered workwear can add a touch of class to the branded look of employees. After giving this careful consideration, and with the wealth of experience... Learn More >
  • Which is More Expensive; Embroidery or Print?

    You are at the stage where you are looking to introduce a uniform or update your current one. Should you choose printing or embroidery? The argument swings both ways and is influenced by your budget, the use of the uniform, and even the garments you are ordering. This article will... Learn More >
  • The 5 Most Creative Uses For Embroidered Overalls

    Embroidered overalls. To some they’re a necessity, but to others they’re a “nice to have” item for which “we just don’t have the budget”. However, what if we said there was more to embroidered overalls than just everyday uniform? Interested? Read on. Image Credit The common view of embroidered overalls... Learn More >
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