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The 5 Most Creative Uses For Embroidered Overalls

Embroidered overalls. To some they’re a necessity, but to others they’re a “nice to have” item for which “we just don’t have the budget”. However, what if we said there was more to embroidered overalls than just everyday uniform? Interested? Read on.

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The common view of embroidered overalls is that they’re for labour intensive professions or roles which are just downright filthy. Due to the practicality of the cover-all garment, it can offer more than just a rugged piece of uniform clothing and can add both consistency and style to your workforce.  

Here's our 5 most creative ways to use embroidered overalls: 

Charity Days Promo Days Company Moves or Decoration Event Organising Home Use

Here's some deeper explanation for each of the five. 

1. Charity Days

It’s not often when you find a garment that can not only strengthen your branding, but also promote corporate social responsibility. These are two vital components to any successful business’ marketing.

Don’t be afraid to utilise your workwear during company charity days. It’ll enable your company to be remembered, via strong brand recognition, whilst also keeping your employees safe, dry and clean. On days where offbeat activities such as baking (cake sales), exercise (sports days), watersports (Comic Relief) are plentiful; overalls are a life-saver.

Don’t forget that whilst doing this, your employees will be interacting with the general public and prospective customers, so it’s essential they’re comfortable whilst doing so to ensure your company is looking at it’s best. Therefore, utilising overalls over own-clothing can be a doubly cost-effective tactic for any business.  


2. Promo Days

Have an upcoming promotional day or event? Stand out, be unique, be different, simply by choosing to promote your company via embroidered or printed overalls.

Companies often overlook or overthink their employees dress code at company road shows, seminars or networking events and this can lead to just ‘blending in’, achieving the complete opposite of what you want, which is to be remembered and talked about.

Consider dropping the restrictive polo for an overall that’ll allow ease of movement, breathability, but most of all, a unique look.

Get people talking and questioning, and make staff look more approachable. All these things come with just a quick adoption of a new, unique garment choice.

Due to the versatile nature of the clothing, you can always wear a more industry-adopted look underneath for a quick change in a matter of minutes.   

3. Company Moves or Decoration

Granted, this isn’t a task that comes around often but can quickly be a major annoyance for staff who see their own clothes dirtied and ruined.

When doing these manual tasks around the office, shop floor or any other company workspace,, it’s best to be wearing an outfit that allows ease of movement with no guilt if dirt/mess is transferred. Not only that, but being seen in a consistent branded look whilst doing the move will promote a close-knit team.

A company that’s seen working together instills trust and breathes professionalism, something that may not be picked up on if clothing is inconsistent or the most presentable.

4. Event Organising

Closely tying in with events themselves is the technique of using uniforms to highlight the importance and visibility of your employees and therefore the company, at the said event.

Making life as easy as possible for your prospective customers from the minute they enter the event is vital for any successful event. Don’t make any negative impressions, as this will reflect on your business. By clearly identifying points of contacts (i.e your employees), it will avoid any instances of cold-feet or confusion and allow for a memorable event where attendees remember engaging with your company’s employees..

5. Home Use

A key selling point when it comes to embroidered overalls is that they aren’t just limited to the working environment and can easily be utilised at home. This means workplace adoption of the garment can be smoother than implementing a completely new policy altogether.

Whether it’s a gardening or DIY task, your employees won’t want to be ruining their domestic clothes. Due to the overalls, their own clothing will be protected whilst they work. And a dirt repellant finish means easy cleaning, as well as no damage to their existing wardrobe, so it’s a win-win.  


Make Sure Your Branding's Right

With the many possible uses and the long lifespan of embroidered overalls, they’re a worthwhile investment for all sorts of companies. When you issue them to office staff for a charity day, promotional event or office relocation; they will be reminded of the benefits of where they work whenever they use the overalls at home.

If you use fresh, clean, eye-catching overalls out of context when at an event, they’re a massive quick-win for your brand awareness.

Especially when you give your overalls bold, bright branding. Or even team them with a range of clothing and branding options. Find out more about your wide range of options in this guide:


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      This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.