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7 Procurement Questions to Ask Suppliers

Choosing the right workwear supplier is crucial. Pick the wrong one and you could easily  end up with the wrong items, slow delivery times and poor customer service. We’ve put together a list of important procurement questions to ask suppliers so that you make the right choice.

Is their Website Easy to Use? Do they have Account Managers? Does the Supplier offer Printing and Embroidery? Do they Work with the Biggest Brands? Is there a Minimum Order? How Fast is Delivery? Are they Well Reviewed?

1. Is their Website Easy to Use?

You have hundreds of tasks to think about each day, so you don’t have time to waste. A website that’s confusing, slow-loading or difficult to use can waste your time and lead to misplaced orders.

Ask each supplier about their website and how easy it is to order online. Can you upload your company logo or design to have printed on the shirt? Is live chat available so you can speak to a member of the team if you have any questions?

The very best workwear suppliers have fast, easy to navigate websites for you to browse. They’ll have members of staff on hand to guide you through the ordering process via live chat, making everything quick and stress-free.


2. Do they have Account Managers?

An account manager can help you to find the right items to suit your needs, explain the different kinds of printing available and deal with any problems that might arise. They get to know you and your business and understand what you’re looking for.

Suppliers without account managers are less likely to be able to offer specific advice to suit you and can be difficult to deal with if there are problems with the order. Before ordering with any supplier, speak to their team and find out if they have account managers and who your point of contact would be, should you order.


3. Does the Supplier offer Printing and Embroidery?

When ordering your company workwear, you might want to have a logo printed onto the clothing. Branded workwear helps to promote your business and makes your team look professional.

It’s important to ask whether or not the supplier even offers printing. You don’t want to order your clothing from one business and have to have them branded at another.

There are different ways to add your logo to clothing, including screen printing and embroidery. The supplier should be able to explain the differences between the two methods and recommend the right one that best suits you.


4. Do they Work with the Biggest Brands?

Different suppliers work with different brands. You’ll want to find a supplier that works with a wide range of top brands. This will give you plenty of choice when it comes to finding uniform and ensures you get the very best products.

Brands like Regatta, Kustom Kit, Result and Gildan are just some of the big-name brands you should be looking out for. Speak to the supplier to see which brands they work with and carry out your own research to see if that brand is right for you.

  5. Is there a Minimum Order?

You won’t always need to place huge bulk orders when buying company workwear. You might just be replacing a few items or a new member of staff may have joined the team. Sometimes suppliers have minimum orders which can stop you from getting what you need.

Ask the supplier if they have a minimum order in place before committing to them. If they say yes, it might be worth looking elsewhere as you won’t know which items you might need replacing in the future.

  6. How Fast is Delivery?

You’ve chosen the items you need, you’ve decided on logo printing and then you find out you won’t receive the items for two weeks. Some suppliers take their time when shipping items to you which can delay you and your business.

The best suppliers know how important fast delivery is to you and will make sure items are with you in as little as 72 hours, allowing your business to keep working.

Some suppliers will offer free delivery if you place a large enough order. Find out what this figure is before committing to any purchases. You don’t want to find out you were just £5 from free delivery.

7. Are they Well Reviewed?

You wouldn’t buy a car or stay at a hotel without reading reviews and it’s no different for workwear suppliers. Read testimonials, case studies and reviews from other customers to see how good their services are.

Ask the supplier about their reviews and find out as much information as you can from their other previous clients. You might find out they have a bad returns policy or have a habit of shipping poor quality items.

Whether the reviews are good or bad, they can help you to make the right choice when it comes to procuring company workwear.

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