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Lightweight Workwear: Top Picks for Spring

We're finally starting to move away from the long, cold winter and into the crisp spring season. It might be time to put the insulated hats and gloves away but spring is highly volatile, with lightning storms being as likely as bursts of bright sunshine. As well as ensuring the working site is prepared for the predictably wet weather, you need to make sure your workers are suitably dressed for the outdoors. Here are seven of our top lightweight workwear picks for spring. 

If you want your outdoor team to be prepared for the British spring, you need to consider the following gear:

Lightweight Packable Macs Waterproof Trousers Thinner Gloves Lightweight branded Polos UV Protection Polos Body Warmers Hi Vis Vests


Lightweight Packable Macs

Rain is the most likely weather condition in spring. It might be sunny now, but those blue skies could well be full of grey clouds and spitting raindrops before the day is out. If your workers were caught in a storm without waterproofs, they'd be wet, cold and in low spirits, which would cause morale and productivity to dip, and they'd be more susceptible to illnesses. 

Keep your workers warm and dry by investing in lightweight packable macs and ensure that they keep them nearby while they work. As well as shielding them from the rain, your team will be able to continue working and productivity will not be affected. If it's an especially chilly, rainy day, invest in fleeces for your workers to wear underneath their waterproof coats for additional warmth. 

We recommend Result Core Lightweight Jacket and Regatta Omicron II Waterproof Breathable Fleece


Waterproof Trousers

The main priority might be to keep your workers' upper body warm and dry, but you shouldn't neglect their bottom half either. If their legs are going to end up getting drenched anyway, your team's morale and productivity will still dip. Wet thighs can get extremely cold, start to sting or even become numb. Bypass this and boost your workers' comfort by investing in breathable, waterproof trousers that they can wear over their usual workwear. You can even choose waterproof trousers that are also high visibility for a double fix. 

We recommend Portwest Sealtex Air Trousers or Dickies Waterproof Hi Vis Safety Trousers


Thinner Gloves

The weather might be marginally warmer but it'll likely be too cold to not wear gloves, especially when it's raining or windy. Your workers' hands and fingers need to be kept warm, dry and not numb if they're to continue working productively. As well as this, rain and frost can leave equipment and materials slippery, which can make it more difficult for your team to do their work. 

That's why you should invest in outdoor gloves that have enhanced grip and offer your workers' hands protection from the outdoor elements yet are made of thinner, breathable material so they can work comfortably. 

We recommend Portwest Canadian Rigger Glove and Portwest Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove


Lightweight Branded Polos

If your workers will be wearing fleece jackets and waterproof macs while they work, they should ideally be wearing polo shirts made from thinner, lightweight materials so they don't overheat and are kept comfortable as they work.

As well as this, you should consider branding your shirts with your company logo. Whether it's a simple graphic design on the breast pocket or intricate embroidery on the back, branding can help your company in a variety of ways - including boosting brand awareness, raising morale and making your employees feel like more of a team. A branded uniform can go a long way in helping your company grow. 

We recommend Portwest Naples Polo Shirt


UV Protection Glasses

With the days getting longer and beams of sunshine breaking out from behind clouds more often, your workers will be more likely to squint in the bright light and be exposed to increasing levels of UV rays. Shield your team from these harmful rays and reduce eyestrain by investing in safety eyewear that offers protection against UV light and anti-reflective features to eliminate glare. Polarised options are especially important in spring due to the combination of standing water and bright sunshine.

We recommend Portwest Umbra Polarised Spectacle and Portwest Defender Safety Spectacle


Body Warmers

When it's too warm for an insulated coat but too cold to go without a coat at all, a body warmer can be a great compromise. Plus, you can easily throw a waterproof mac over them if the heavens do suddenly open.

Invest in body warmers made of fleece, canvas or waterproof material to keep your workers warm and protected in wet spring weather. Consider features like padding and hand warmer pockets to provide your team with additional protection. 

We recommend Portwest Classic Body Warmer and Result Active Fleece Body Warmer


Hi Vis Vests

High visibility garments are essential if your team are going to be working outside. There are certain regulations to abide by when it comes to hi vis items and three main categories they fall under: 

Class 1 - the lowest level and should only be used in minimal risk zones e.g. off-road sites Class 2 - medium level and should be worn by roadway and public safety workers Class 3 - the highest level and offers the greatest amount of safety and visibility

Hi vis jackets are one of the best items your workers can wear if they want to be certain that they are visible, but they can get a little too warm. When that's the case, hi vis vests can be the ideal alternative. Invest in yellow or orange vests for your workers to wear (depending on job role) and consider having your team pair them with a pair of hi vis trousers for additional safety. 

We recommend XAMAX® Hi Vis Vest and Yoko Hi Vis Fleece Vest


Keep Your Outdoor Team Safe This Spring

Lightweight workwear isn't the only factor that goes towards keeping your team safe this season. With the varying weather conditions to seasonal hazards, there's a lot more you need to consider. To help you out, we've created a Spring Workwear Guide which includes tips and advice on how to clothe and equip your team for the volatile weather, changing temperatures and the risks of the outdoors. Download your FREE guide below.


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      This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.