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How to Keep Cool With Personalised Embroidered Clothing

Branded clothing can have a positive effect on how your business is perceived by customers. If done well, it can be used by customers to base their first impressions of your entire company on - and first impressions last. There are various options that you can take when designing your branded staff uniforms. Personalised embroidered clothing is a popular choice for many that can make your employees look particularly professional. Here’s how it can benefit your business.

  Looks Professional

Embroidery is usually opted for by customers wanting a more professional look to their business’ branded uniform. An oxford shirt or classy blouse would look nowhere near as professional with a loud printed logo splashed on the front. Personalised embroidered clothing subtly shows your off your brand, without it being too in your face.

More Durable

Embroidered clothing will generally last for longer than a print alternative. The designs themselves are designed to withstand the rigours of daily wear and constant washing. The durability of the embroidery will mean that the colour sharpness will be sustained and it may even outlast the garment itself.

Cost Effective

Other decoration techniques can prove to be costly when adding multiple different colours to a design. However, personalised embroidered clothing have little/no cost when it comes to including several colours into your logo. This allows you to create something eye-catching and stand out to your customers.

As well as this, because the embroidery is more durable than other decoration techniques, you won’t need to replace or repair workwear as often. This makes personalised embroidered clothing a more cost effective solution.


When you think of personalised embroidered clothing, you may think of more heavyweight items like branded fleeces or thick cotton shirts. Embroidery can also be applied to more lightweight materials and items to keep your workforce cool for when the rising temperatures.

Examples of Lightweight Clothing that Could be Embroidered for Summer   Lightweight Crew Neck Sweaters

As the summertime is upon us, temperatures will be rising (hopefully). But, we all know how unpredictable the English summertime can be and it can prove to be quite cool at times. A crew neck sweater is the perfect item to pop on if you’re feeling the cold in summertime.

It’s not too thick, but warm enough to help you avoid from over-layering.

The sweaters are a classic office style. Combined with a subtle piece of typography, they can really hammer home the desired professional look. A wardrobe staple, employees will be happy that they’re wearing a stylish uniform. This should boost morale and productivity.

We recommend the Henbury Lightweight Cotton Crew Neck Sweater.

  Lightweight Polo Shirts

Perfect for when the sun is shining, polos allow your team to work outside in the heat without feeling uncomfortable due to the lightweight material. This will stop your workforce from overheating in the sun and allow them to continue to work efficiently.

Personalised embroidered clothing on any work environment, such as a building site, strengthens brand awareness for your business. In essence, your team turn into walking billboards promoting your company logo and name. It doesn’t stop at on-site either, as if they nip out for their dinner break or even on the commute home, they will still be promoting your business.

We recommend the Portwest Naples Polo Shirt.

  Windcheater Jackets

Extremely lightweight jackets, these are perfect for slipping on during the odd summery shower. Nobody wants to work in the pouring rain, especially if you’re not dressed appropriately. Soaking wet workers will no doubt be low in spirits and not feel like getting much work done. Plus, they’d be more likely to get ill on the job which definitely isn’t ideal for the business.

We recommend the Result Core Adult Windcheater.

  Other Benefits of Branded Clothing   Increases Brand Awareness

As the markets are becoming more competitive, it's important to stand out from the crowd and gain positive attention from consumers. By branding your staff uniforms, your team can promote your business wherever they go, which increases your brand identification.

Big companies proudly display their company logos and they're instantly recognisable as soon as you see them. Often, you don't even need to read what is said on the uniform because they're that recognisable.

  Fosters Team Spirit

Having branded uniform is a great way of creating a sense of unity and bolstering team spirit. This is a proven method - just look at professional sports teams. It creates a sense of belonging which then harvests into the drive to achieve unified goals.

If your team are all wearing the same branded workwear,  they will feel more aligned with company values and will push each other further to strengthen the rest of their team.

Keep Your Team Safe This Summer

By providing your team with embroidered personalised clothing, you are ensuring that your staff are wearing the correct workwear to keep them safe. But, there are other factors to consider when it comes to maximising workforce productivity while still promoting safety.


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      Why do we ask?
      This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.