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How Do I Develop Brand Perception Cost Effectively?

Here is an overview summary of how to develop brand perception cost effectively and how to increase brand awareness, recognition and association to current, future and potential clients. This will help your business grow and succeed.

Get A New Message And Live By It

Whilst a full company rebrand might be a little over budget this financial year, what with the expense of everything involved in this process. There's full and proper market research, logo development and design, more market research, a new website design and build, just to name a few.

A more cost effective way to develop brand perception is to internally work on a new company ethos and message that the business will live by.

Establish what the core values and attitudes of the business are and what you want to see in your colleagues and employees, as well as what you want to transmit to your clients and customers. Try and get these down to just three words. For a construction business, something like "Care", "Safety" and "Pride".

Then, from there, expand these into three pithy sentences that can form the company message. For example; "Take PRIDE in your work. CARE as much as our clients. Always think about SAFETY."

With this presented to employees at every available opportunity - email signatures, pay slips, letterheads, artwork in the office, company clothing - it will quickly help to establish these values as an overt and convincing company culture.


Grow Digital Presence

Another area to quickly and cost effectively exploit in order to improve the perception of your brand and increase brand awareness is your digital image.

Beyond having a Facebook page and token Twitter account, as well as maybe a few sporadically used accounts on other platforms, make a conscious habit of targeting the key accounts where you could pick up more work and knowledge. Or simply network with other companies in your industry.

Choose two accounts where your target audience is most likely to hang out online. From there, assign responsibility to two colleagues to manage the account. There is a wealth of free advice out there to help you learn how and when to post on the different social media platforms, and they can even teach you the right etiquette too.

Follow this simple checklist and get your brand out there online:

Set up your profiles in line with your company message and desired image (and always use professional looking photography). Read this for guidance. Get a scheduling tool. There are plenty around such as Buffer and Hootsuite. Follow and befriend industry leaders, competitors and professional accounts. Post about your current projects, company news, industry news, hot industry related news. Ask customers to engage with you on social media. Keep at it and converse with your growing followers and customers.

This will make your brand look engaging and relevant.


Host Or Attend A Relevant Event

Using your newly created brand message and social media presence, or even as a launch event for both, you should host or attend a relevant event to promote the brand to all those who attend.

A company luncheon or meal, or gala dinner and ball. Or a charity golf day or cook off in the community. Or pitching at a national conference or hosting an after-party with some of your network contacts.

Make sure you and your business are at the hub of it all, make sure it's a success and get your brand included on all literature, decorations and announcements. Doing this will create a lasting impression within all of those who are exposed to the brand during the successful event.


Build Team Unity

Having all of the team working together is another effective way of boosting the perception of your brand. No lone wolves or non-conformist habits when it comes to clients is important. This means that, using the construction business example from above, if one contracts manager is willing to let his team work unsafely, then all who see this happen will view this as representative of the business as a whole.

For this to work, the workforce needs to be educated on the reasons why and buy into the whole process. The larger the company and the longer it is since something like this has been tried, the harder it will be. But it is vital for the overall brand perception to be as strong as possible.

Though, achieving this is easier said than done.


Build A Better Business Appearance

One aspect to get sorted is looking like a united team. And having all staff look like the best possible representation of the company to potential clients and your competitors.

This could mean a new uniform or range of branded items that staff can wear to work. Something which looks impressive and allows the company image to shine. And this applies to manual businesses in construction and engineering, to office based companies or those working in beauty, health and social care services.

Branded workwear and company clothing or uniforms and PPE is available in various forms and can be chosen to suit all body types, tastes and job roles.

If you are unsure about the benefits of workwear and uniforms, check out our guide to buying workwear which includes lots of free advice on how branded clothing and uniforms can improve your business. Press the button to get your free guide.


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This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.