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Do I Need To Provide Uniform For My Staff?

In short, no, you do not need to provide uniform for your staff but there's a lot of reasons why it's a good idea to provide workwear. Here's why:

  Do I Need To Provide Uniform For My Staff? The Answer Is No

If you would like your staff and employees to wear a uniform, it is not a legal requirement that you have to provide it for them free of charge. That is assuming by "provide", you mean issuing it free of charge to new starters.

You may charge employees for their uniform. It then becomes their property. You should state, in your terms of employment, for how long the uniform is expected to be used.

If you do not charge them, it can remain your property and must be looked after to an acceptable level. Though we advise caution in this regard. Scroll down to see more on the implication of this. In the immediate section, see what you may charge employees for.


Can I Charge My Employees For Their Uniform?

You can charge employees for their uniform by deducting it from their wage providing that, in doing so, they will still earn at least the legal minimum wage applicable to an employee their age. This can be deducted at source.

It may be worth letting your staff know that they can claim an element of tax relief for maintaining and washing their uniform.

You cannot charge employees for uniform items which actually constitute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If they are having to complete work for you which requires them to wear some form of protective clothing - even simple things like rubber gloves for cleaners using abrasive cleaning chemicals, or a hi-vis vest for someone managing deliveries - in order to complete the task safely; you have to provide this free of charge.

You also have to provide, free of charge, clothing which protects employees from inclement or extreme weather. Though, this is less of an issue, as it has to be weather which would lead to some sort of illness when fulfilling their employment.

When providing PPE items, you can still charge for the non-PPE uniform items. For example, paying for a hard hat, hi-vis vest and safety shoes, but charging for a company polo shirt and fleece.


The Risk With Issuing Free Uniforms Which Remain Your Property

There are potential staff morale and recruitment issues (see the section with benefits of providing uniform) with issuing free uniforms that remain company property.

It would mean handing out second ("Or is it more than that?") hand uniforms. And this could be a major turn-off for prospective employees. It also shows your business in a bad light when compared to your competitors.

Employees will also be conscious of the fact that the uniform they have been given will need to be maintained to a high level, to avoid paying for replacements. This could cause undue stress for low paid staff.

There is also the risk of time consuming and attention diverting disputes over what constitutes fair wear and tear and improper maintenance of company owned uniform items, when an employee leaves or needs new items. Given the low cost of uniform items and the fact that the value depreciates when used, it is unlikely to be worth your management time policing this.

Of course, you can set terms of agreement in place to avoid having to issue new uniform every other week/month. We don't need to say this, but by treating your employees with respect when it comes to uniforms, most often sees them treat the business and uniform with respect in return.

It's far simpler to provide uniform items free of charge to employees. Here's why.


The Benefits Of Providing Your Employees With A Uniform

As said, you technically don't have to provide your employees with a uniform free of charge, but doing so offers all of these benefits:

No HR issues and disagreements when an employee leaves the business or needs replacement uniform items a little earlier than you anticipated. It makes sure your company has a selling point when trying to recruit new staff. It makes staff feel rewarded and valued; which makes them more likely to work hard and productively. It also inspires loyalty. Employees can claim tax relief for washing their company issued uniforms. Company uniforms represent the brand whenever they are seen. Providing uniform for your staff ensures that you can better control the presentation of your business. You can achieve a more consistent look across the business and foster an improved team spirit and level of morale in the company. You can print or embroider your uniforms with company information to make them a selling point for the business.


Interested In Buying Uniforms?

We have put together a guide which further explains the benefits and legal requirements of providing uniforms and workwear clothing to your employees. There is also advice and helpful sheets to make ordering easy - no more wrong sizes, no missed items and no incorrect logo placements.

Download it now and start planning your next company uniform.


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This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.