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Do Head Office Staff Benefit From Uniforms?

"Do head office staff benefit from uniforms?" is a common question from our customers, for many reasons. This blog post explores why you might not be sure about who needs staff uniforms, but also why they are good for everyone in the business and just how many different options there are when it comes to uniforms and workwear.

Why You Might Not Be Sure About Head Office Uniforms Staff Objections

There are lots of reasons why you might not be sure about implementing a uniform policy for head office staff and why the bosses might not be keen.

A major fear factor is that you might in some way be contravening employee rights or doing something illegal, because uniforms are often (wrongly) viewed as being only for particular trades and sectors (service industry, for example).

If you are worried about falling foul of legislation and want to craft a uniform policy which complies, check out this earlier blog post we put together on the subject. This will help you get the project signed off more easily.

A more common stumbling block is the idea that head office staff will be reluctant to adopt wearing a uniform, for whatever reason. It could be that they feel like uniforms are not for office staff - despite them being worn by office based companies all over the world. They could feel reluctant to change - so we advise slowly integrating a uniform policy, so that it isn't too big of a culture shock to the system when the full uniform finally arrives.

Some people are also reluctant to wear a uniform due to the fear it removes a person's individuality - but this can be resolved by providing options in clothing and promoting the greater good for the business.

Lots of office staff also, very wrongly, feel that there are a lack of options when it comes to business wear and office clothing for uniforms. Not all uniforms are designed to be a piece of PPE and your colleagues might be surprised at the possible options when it comes to business wear uniform.

How To Sell The Idea To Staff

The change of seasons is the perfect time to start selling the idea of company clothing to office staff.

When the weather turns cold for the first time, for example, you could issue branded fleece jackets to staff to see them through the winter months. This will slowly introduce the fact that there are no negative consequences of wearing a piece of clothing with the company name on, in the office.

In fact, it will also create a positive association between the business clothing and the ability to keep warm in the office or on the journey to work, thanks to the clothing being provided by and sporting the logo of their employer.

For those which are closer to being ready to be placed in a full uniform, there are plenty of other benefits to uniforms which can help you convince the company and its staff that a uniform is a good idea.

Why Head Office Staff Uniform Is A Good Idea

Uniform is a great way of resolving any underlying hierarchy and respect issues in the workplace. With a branded piece of workwear being worn, when a manager or senior member of the team addresses a member of their team, the clothing helps alleviate any personal tension or differences. It acts as a reminder that this is a work setting in which both parties are working towards the same goal.

This also helps achieve a level of equality across the business. And this idea is particularly prevalent in businesses with a head office team and a more manual or hands-on labour department. The fact that head office staff are also wearing a uniform, "just like us", means that any divisions in the company can be diminished.

But, as a combination of both of these factors, uniforms in the office can also resolve any issues between team members who may be opposed to each other, for whatever reason. It's a great way of leveling the playing field and reminding everyone that they all work for the same larger team - the company - and are working as parts of the same machine, towards the same goal.

From a marketing point of view, the benefits of head office staff wearing uniforms or branded business workwear helps to achieve a stronger brand image and consistent outward aesthetic for the company. If visitors enter head office, they will be greeted with a convincing and consistent brand presence. Especially when tied in with the decor of your office.

It also presents a unified team to those looking from the outside. And it helps to promote the idea within the business too. Just as a uniform helps to remove any disparities in hierarchy, it also helps to make team unity and team building stronger.

Lastly, wearing a company uniform or branded clothing range is a great way of growing accountability and responsibility amongst head office staff. It acts as a reminder that their actions are representative of the business itself and so is their peer's. This helps improve professionalism and how they interact with clients and partners.

Once all of these factors are in place, the uniform becomes something to be proud of.

Head Office Staff Uniform Options

There are all kinds of head office staff uniform options. And modern business workwear is equally as stylish and popular as regular clothing items which get worn for work by your colleagues already.

For example, you can include subtle company branding on well designed, button down Oxford shirts for men or elegant blouses for women. If you are unsure about branding processes, we have written blogs on the benefits of embroidery and printed branding.

You can issue a small set of uniform tops to your head office staff - around three tops for example - and ask staff to coordinate them with other clothing of a certain colour(s). This creates a uniform look in head office but allows flexibility amongst the staff.

Alternatively, you can provide a range of options for staff to build their own work wardrobe, with choices offering maximum flexibility and keeps all staff happy because they can choose things they like or suits them, as they see fit (no pun intended). This is a great example of how a company can provide a range of items to form part of a coherent head office uniform.


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