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COVID-19 Announcement

XAMAX® is doing all that we safely can to support our customers at this time. We are taking this crisis very seriously indeed.

There is a great deal of good advice out there from HMRC (for businesses) and Connected Voice (for organisations/charities etc), which we encourage you to look at. We suggest that if you are furloughing staff, you read the Government's guidance closely and get legal or HR advice.

Prioritised Orders

Many of our customers are supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society and are themselves under extra pressure and uncertainty. XAMAX® are being as flexible as we can be to get the product you need to you as soon as is safely possible. Any orders from businesses or organisations who are at the forefront of the fight against this terrible disease are being prioritised.

We thank you for your understanding should there be any delay in your order due to being pushed back.

Health & Safety

Our main priority is the health & safety of our staff and customers and the safest way to work is to restrict movement onto our premises.

The shop is closed - we have no immediate plans to re-open our shop until this health crisis is over. To avoid disappointment, please do not attempt to visit the shop.

Although we would love to see you, we also discourage customers from visiting us for collections where possible.

Our entire workforce is furloughed by default and brought back in only when absolutely needed. Where possible, staff are working from home.

Staff are keeping a safe distance from each other and maintaining high standards of hygiene and housekeeping when on the premises. We encourage them to look after each other and highlight anything they may feel to be unsafe immediately.

Availability of Product

BSiF Registered Safety Supplier Logo

As you are no doubt aware, PPE is in short supply worldwide, especially Respiratory protection, Eye & Face protection, and disposable gloves and overalls. The problems are in every stage of the supply chain from manufacture to distribution, all due to a vast majority of the world's workforce sheltering from this virus.

It is right that any relevant PPE supplies are routed to front-line health and social care workers. We will not attempt to disrupt that supply.

As a BSiF Registered Safety Supplier we will not alter our PPE supply chain simply to fill demand with inferior product - of which there is a plethora flooding the black market (please be careful out there). We are working closely within the PPE industry to help find solutions to getting compliant product back into industry.

Other types of PPE such as Footwear, hazard gloves, head protection, Hi Vis vests etc are largely unaffected by this crisis and are available as normal.

The availability of clothing garments for uniforms or workwear is largely unaffected, however there is some delay in procurement and delivery. This is mainly due to much of the British workforce being furloughed. We thank you for your understanding and patience should your order suffer any delays