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Buying Company Workwear Online - Our Guide To Placing Your Order

When buying company workwear online, you will understandably have some concerns relating to where to do it, what could go wrong and how it's different to visiting a physical supplier. We've put together this guide to buying company clothing and buying workwear online, so that the whole process can go as smoothly as possible.


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Benefits Of Buying Workwear Online

Here's just some of the benefits to placing a workwear order online as opposed to in-person or over the phone:

You do not need to leave the office and drive to a supplier showroom. Instead, it will be delivered to your address, without you having to do anything. You don't even need to pick up a phone - the whole thing can be done on one website. This means that, should something else crop up unexpectedly, you can return to finishing your order at your convenience, because your order will be held in your account portal. You can physically see the mock-up images of your items - in order to give sign-off to logo placement, colour and sizing - on screen which means you can experiment with the look and appearance before sending items to printing or embroidery. Keep precise control on numbers and cost - because itemised orders will appear in the checkout, just like any other ecommerce transaction. Here at Xamax, your orders and items will be reviewed by your account manager, which will reduce the worries of items being ordered in error.


How Company Workwear Helps A Business

Your business can benefit from using branded workwear, PPE, uniforms and business wear in a whole host of different ways. From simply showcasing the brand in a positive light, to furthering the promotion and marketing of the business wherever it is worn, the impression it leaves to outside eyes cannot be discounted.

Also, internally speaking, there are lots of benefits to workwear and business wear being issued by the company. For example, doing so helps improve staff retention by letting staff know they are valued and feel part of a cohesive, unified team. This improves team morale, which results in more productivity and contributes towards a healthier bottom line.

There are all sorts of benefits to using workwear for your company and they can be seen in our guide to buying workwear. And this guide also includes other helpful things, such as order sheets and advice to getting sizes right and choosing the most appropriate items.



Online Workwear Options

Xamax is proud to offer brand-able company clothing for all types of businesses, sectors and industries. From PPE for manufacturing and construction, to formal business wear for head office and service industry staff. Or even more casual items for retail or PR teams.

Whatever your workwear needs, we can provide for them and make sure they're branded to the high standard you expect.


Tips To Getting It Right

Before placing your order, it's worth making sure you get all of the following details correct: sizing, item suitability, item ROI, correct logo placement.


When it comes to choosing the right sizes, many of our customers worry about getting it right. In any instance, you should refer to the fitting and sizing information on the product page. For a small sized company, you could assign responsibility for choosing sizes to one employee who can simply ask their colleagues. For medium and large businesses, this clearly wouldn't be practical. You could create a simple response form to be issued by hand or by email, or to be distributed by team managers who then liaise with the central organiser.

Item Suitability

The item(s) that you order need to be fit for purpose. If you are unsure of whether a piece of PPE is sufficient for your tasks and industry, simply ask to speak to one of our team, who will be more than happy to advise.

Item ROI

And, likewise, you should be aware of the risks of over-specing any workwear items. In essence, avoid ordering a 100% waterproof, fleece lined hi-vis coat for an office manager who visits a construction site once a year. A shell layer that can be placed over regular clothing is more suitable.

Correct Logo Placement

You should always request and review sample visuals of any logo placements on your ordered items. Without reviewing these images, you run the risk of your request being misinterpreted and the items not having the correct logo in the correct position.


Use An Order Sheet

The simplest way to keep a track of all these issues is to use a logical order sheet, which also includes a place to keep track of what stage your order is up to, payment info and contact details. And these are just two things in our guide to buying workwear online. Access the full, free and wholly useful document by pressing the red button...



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This gives us an idea of which member of our team could best help you.