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The gymsac is the simplest way to carry around a change of clothes with the minimum of fuss. Whether you keep your gym kit in this gymsac, or your swimming things, a spare pair of shoes, or anything else, this bag is lightweight and takes up as little room as possible.

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1 gymsac products found

Ideal for keeping in the boot of your car, or in a locker at the gym or swimming pool, the design of the gymsac is delightfully simple. It is essentially a thin nylon or polyester bag, secured at the top with a drawstring fastening.

The simplicity and practicality of a gymsac is what makes it an ideal piece of workwear or promotional material. If your staff need to have a change of clothes or shoes at hand whilst on shift, if they work in a sports centre with different types of flooring for instance, providing them with branded gymsacs looks professional and eradicates the problem of having pairs of shoes being separated and cluttering up your public facing areas.

You might run a construction site where employees need to change into safety boots when they enter various sections. Once again, using a simple gymsac can keep their boots their normal footwear together and can be easily identified by personalising the bag. You can also brand gymsacs to sell or give out to customers, offering them a helpful item that also reminds them of your business any time they look at it.

Gymsacs are also used by schools as a lightweight and space-saving solution for storing PE kits for pupils. They can be customised with the school name and logo so they can easily be returned should they be left on a bus or elsewhere.

Another benefit is that gymsacs come in a vast range of different colours, ensuring that you can find the perfect shade to match your corporate identity.